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Product Data

  Part Number
Height (inch) 10.0
Width (inch) 11.8
Depth (inch) 18.5
Weight(lbs) 55
Voltage 230
Phase 1
Frequency(Hz) 50
Power(kW) 0.35
Current(A) 4
Airflow(cfm) 247
Noise Level(dba) 52
Effective Volume(ft3) 3000
Typical Extraction(ppd) 11
Min Operating Temp (°F) 33
Max OperatingTemp (°F) 131
  Part Number
On/Off Control Via Humdistat Y
Carrying Handle Y
Hot Gas Defrost Y
Electronic Defrost Timer Y
Adjustable Humdistat Y
Refrigerant Type R134a
Anti Vibration Rubber Feet Y
Gravity Drain Y
Free Standing Stand Y
Stoved Epoxy Finish Y
All Steel Construction Y
Part Number Description
1012305 Stowage Plate
  Part Number


Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air that is circulating through the unit. The resulting reduction of relative humidity helps prevent rust, rot, mould, mildew and condensation within the room, or other enclosed spaces where the dehumidifier is used. A dehumidifier consists of a motor-compressor unit, a refrigerant condenser, an air circulating fan, a refrigerated surface, a means of collecting and disposing the condensed moisture and a cabinet to house these components. The fan draws air through the refrigerated surface and cools it below its dew point, removing moisture which is collected and led away. The cool air then passes the hot condenser, where it is reheated. With the addition of other radiated heat the air is discharged into the room at a higher temperature but lower relative humidity than when the air entered the unit. Continuous circulation of the room air through the dehumidifier unit gradually reduces the relative humidity in the room.

The PP6 dehumidifier is a robust, compact unit designed to control the humidity in the enclosed space in which it is placed.

The unit is thermally protected and will switch off for a period if the maximum operating temperature of 50ºC is exceeded.

The PP6 has been designed for the exacting conditions, which can prevail in the medium to long term storage of mobile shelters and vehicles. It combines lightness and compactness with high reliability and strength.

Handles contribute to its portability.

The gas which is used inside the hermetically sealed refrigeration circuit is R134a which contains no CFC`s and has therefore a zero ozone depletion factor. But under no circumstances should this gas be released into the atmosphere, the unit should be serviced by trained personnel who will reclaim any of the unwanted gas.

A stowage plate (part no. 1012305) is available to provide secure fixing for the PP6 dehumidifier unit under transport conditions.