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Product Data

  Part Number
  1314900 1352000
  MCU1002 MCU1002
Height (mm) 165 165
Width (mm) 495 495
Depth (mm) 298 298
Weight(kgs) 12 12
Voltage 415 415
Phase 3 3
Frequency(Hz) 50 50
  Part Number
  1314900 1352000
  MCU1002 MCU1002
Compatiable Dehumidifier MF2/MF2S MF4/MF4S
Steel Enclosure Y Y
Adjustable Tempearture Y Y
Adjustable Humidity Y Y
Electronic Controls Y Y
Facility For Vent Control Y Y
Crossover Control Y Y
Free Standing Y Y
Status Indicator Panel Y Y
Part Number Description
  Part Number
  1314900 1352000
MCU1002 MCU1002
Wiring Diagram
Wiring Schematic
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The EIPL Modular Control System offers a range of drying controllers designed to provide close control over the drying of lumber with heat pump dehumidification systems. By adopting our modular concept, you and your EIPL representative can select a control system tailored to your precise needs. A modular system means that your system can be expanded at a later date simply by adding more modules. The EIPL MCU control modules are plug compatible. This means that if additional equipment is required it is very simple to attach extra controls to the existing system. This flexible approach to control systems saves you money and ensures careful drying. EIPL drying machines contain no electrical switchgear, contractors, or overloads because they would be subjected to the harsh environment inside the drying chamber. Instead, for reasons of reliability, EIPL prefers to position this equipment within a control room. The EIPL modular controllers can be supplied as individual stacking units, or alternatively, for rack mounting into an EIPL console fitted with a close fitting transparent door.


At the heart of every EIPL drying system is a controller which regulates the environmental conditions (temperature and humidity). The MCU 1002 Master Controller regulates the heating, drying, and cooling (vent) within the kiln. The MCU 1002 is designed to give effective drying, safe drying, extended life, simple operation, and performance monitoring.


is achieved by high quality relative humidity and temperature sensors.


is achieved by including cross over control. The dehumidifier section, the function of which is to reduce the relative humidity, can under certain climatic and internal conditions, cause the temperature to rise to an undesirable level. This is avoided by an extra cutout switch controlling the dehumidifier on the thermostat, set slightly higher than the heater control switch. Similarly the heater section can cause a fall in relative humidity. This is safeguarded against by an extra cutout switch, controlling the heater, on the humidistat.


is achieved by the inclusion of a timer which prevents compressor rapid cycling. Switching the dehumidifier controls to OFF begins a time out sequence during which the dehumidifier compressor cannot restart.


is achieved by requiring only two controls to adjust.


is achieved by indicator lights which show the state of the machine under control. These indicators show power on/ off, phase indicators for the fans, compressor, heaters, and cooling, and indicators for high relative humidity, low relative humidity, and high temperature. These indicators can also be used to diagnose fault conditions should they occur.


The MCU 1002 control unit contains switchgear, contractors, overloads, and accessory equipment necessaryto control and operate one EIPL drying unit and cooling unit (vent). Additional dryers and vents may be controlled by connecting an MCU 1100 slave control unit for each additional dryer.


The MCU 1300 control unit may be used to regulate supplementary heaters. These may include electric, steam, or gas heaters.


The MCU 1401 module (time elapsed indicator) records the number of hours, on mechanical counters, of heating, drying, and cooling. EIPL Lumber Dryers


The MCU 1100 contains all of the switchgear, overloads, contactors, relays, and ancillary equipment necessary to enable one EIPL dryer and vent to operate correctly. The MCU 1100 interprets signals from the master controller (MCU 1002) and switches on or off the various functions of the EIPL drying unit, i.e., a) internal fans within the drying unit b) refrigerant compressors used in the drying operation c) internal heaters within the drying unit d) vent (cooling) system operation. The activity of each function is indicated by phase lamps. The phase indicator lamps, together with the start and stop buttons, can be used to diagnose abnormal conditions should they occur.